Return to power.

Well it would seem that, despite his track record and the unanswered questions, most of America agrees upon the 15 things you need to believe to vote for Bush. Sadly.

Nader's comment was spot on: He's an ignorant president. He's a corporation disguised as a human being. Or at least that's as close as I can remember it...

In other news, I'm bored so I'm writing a personal blog tool thingymajig. No name for it yet, but the discussion on Charl's latest post prompted me to create a temporary one: istokormo.

Hopefully I'll eventually get it to the stage where it's useable by other people so I'm referring to a couple of wishlists for suggestions.

At the moment I'm struggling with how permalinks should be styled. I'm loathe to accept the current /year/month/slug which seems to be popular. What, really, is the point of the slug? Most of them are hard to recall if you didn't specifically memorise them — and if you do specifically memorise the slug, you also need to recall what the date was when it was posted ... you might as well have written it down or bookmarked it.

At the moment I'm tending towards a permalink style of the creation date of the post, in ISO 8601 format: /YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ. This format lends itself to easy archive browsing (want the archive for November, 2004? head to /2004-11), and is as good as any other arbitrary ID. I was considering using the publication date, but the issue of re-publication is looming after a read through of some of the discussions surrounding the Atom specification.

Of course, this brings up the problem of large discrepancies between creation date and publication date when browsing archives or looking for a specific post. Perhaps the ID should be the first publication date? Well... as mentioned above, all comments and suggestions are welcome! (And wanted!)


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